Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Little Things In Life

The little things are what make life great; sure it's great to be able to go to your Justin Bieber concert, or get a MacBook for your birthday or something. But those things are so big, that they're kinda overstated- and I prefer the understated things.
Therefore, in the jumble of eccentric thoughts within my mind, I decided to think about some of the little things, and  post them as a series of blog posts (in between the others). So, here goes :)

Summerbreeze- that absolutely perfect zephyr (who knew that "zephyr" meant gust of wind?!) on a hot summer's day. Not too cold, keeping the temperature just right. And it kinda has a smell too- one that reminds you of all the other fun things to do with summer.

Going for long walks in the summer- this is something I started doing last year, and I really enjoy just walking for ages in the sun. Once, my dad took me to the Forest of Dean, (in the summer, obviously), and it was B.E.A.UTIFUL
(As you can probably tell, I'm currently a little obsessed with summer- because it's toooo cold :c)

Treehugging- Possibly one of the best things since the invention of the popcorn machine (especially if you're a movie addict). Wrapping your arms around a tree is seriously one of the nicest things to do- and you feel super close to nature too
 This is me- treehugging
Singing to myself when no one's around- This is great, right up until the point when you realize your mum is hiding around the corner, laughing her head off at your out-of-tune attempt to sing like Taylor Swift :L But seriously, one of my favourite things to do (I totally do dramatic arm movements, and really throw myself into it...just as long as no one's around)
So- what are the little, understated things in your life? Stay tuned for more insights into my life :P x

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Reasons I Get Up In The Morning

So, in line with my motto for this week (Positivity Is The Best Policy) I have written this post, to be positive :)
When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Marcus Aurelius 
Why does one bother getting up in the morning? Why leave the comfort of a toasty bed (especially when your house has no central heating) in the morning?
Some people would say that the reason they get out of bed is because they have to go to school or work; or they have to get up to earn a living. Or that they get up because their alarm goes off. Many would say there are plenty of reasons not to wake up in the morning.

Here are some of the reasons I wake up:

If you wake up early enough, you get to see the sunrise. It's honestly one of the most beautiful times of day, almost as beautiful as looking up at the stars on a clear night.

If I didn't wake up in the morning, I would miss all the beautiful things in life; hearing birds chirp in the morning, the smell of summer, the smell of winter and every smell in between. And no, before you ask, I don't have a big nose :P I just appreciate the small (smellyful) things in life
I get to exercise my senses to their full potential (see above for an example)

Some people might say that they've got nothing to wake up for. I wake up in the morning to make my days something special. The idea of using my day to make something happen- to achieve something, or even doing something small to help someone else- that's what makes me want to get up in the mornings. To make the best of every day.

Another reason- I love getting to see my favourite people every day. If I couldn't be bothered to wake up every morning, I wouldn't get to share precious moments with that guy, my friends, my family- oh, and that good looking girl who lives in the mirror ;)

Because if I didn't get up, I wouldn't get to enjoy FOOD! Mushrooms, prawns, salmon, chicken, rice, crisp sandwiches (not very healthy, I know)- the merest mention of food makes me hop out of bed every morning, bright eyed, in search of something delicious to eat. (I think I just succeeded in making myself sound like a pig)
Yum :D

I get up, because every day could be my last, and my biggest regret ever would be not living my life to the full. Some days, I take (carefully considered) risks* and find that they pay off. And other days, I throw caution to the wind and live in the moment- those risks may not always pay off, but they're certainly some of the funnest (and funniest) memories I have.

So, what makes you want to wake up in the morning?

*I do not encourage taking stupid risks (like jumping off a building or something)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Positivity Is The Best Policy

  I've been thinking (dangerous, I know) over the past week, and a thought occurred to me- 'wouldn't it be nicer if people were more positive?' myself included. You know, I'm surrounded by people, who (and it's not completely their fault) are resoundingly negative. All they ever do is moan about how much they hate this person, or that person, or their best friend, because they've done something stupid like "replaced" them with someone else, when in reality, it'd be so much easier to just get over it. It's no biggie. And their negativity really gets on my nerves sometimes, because no matter how much I try and talk to them and try to make them see things from a different perspective, they just don't listen. And then it rubs off on me, and I'm just walking around with an invisible rain cloud over my head.
  Therefore, as it's half term, and I have a whole week away from said people, I have decided to spend the week being even more positive than usual, to kinda give myself a boost and to help you guys feel positive too, by reading something happy. So, instead of ranting and raving and getting aggravated with the negative people, who are still negative through various social networks (I'm gonna have to ban myself from Twitter if I want this to work), I will spend my time writing blog-posts with a positive slant :)
So, keep tuned :)x
And now, I leave you with an acrostic poem (it is called an acrostic poem, right?)

Friday, 15 February 2013

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

So. Valentine's Day. Yippee. Another year where a whole day of my life is spent wallowing in self pity becaaause.... Yup. You hit the nail on the head. I'm single. That song Lonely by Akon comes to mind.

Oh, I have a story for you, before I start depressing you- I'll set the scene:
A few years ago, 'twas Valentine's Day, and I was walking down the corridor at school (I shan't mention when, or where) As 'twas Valentine's Day, I was rather miserable, and suddenly, someone throws a bunch of (plastic) roses at me :0 (I know, I was as shocked as you are) I looked around, wondering who had accidentally flung them at me, because it had to have been a mistake, but the corridor was very crowded and I couldn't tell who had done it. I never found out the truth...

Strangest Valentine's Day ever :L (And here's a random Valentine's Day themed picture. I thought it was cute)

Anyway, here are some facts about my (usual) Valentine's Day traditions:

  • I'm always single
  • My mp3 player must be sentient, because it plays all the saddest and loneliest and heartbroken songs it can find- on SHUFFLE.
  • I have to go to school and watch all the other couples within a 2ft radius being all like 'I love you,' 'No, I love you more'. Bleugh. (Not that I'm bitter or anything like that)
  • I end up sitting really awkwardly  in the midst of my friends (the majority of whom are couples) and try not to feel depressed and lonely on my own. It's like couple haven at my school- yuk. (I swear I'm not bitter)
Actually, I'm gonna digress a little bit here and tell you that I walked into the Study Area at school and there were at least five guys writing out Valentine's Day cards for girls. Come on- that's sooo sweet and thoughtful...and so depressing :(

But, on a lighter note, here's some benefits to being single on Valentine's Day:

  • You don't have to share your chocolates with anyone :D

Oh, okay, that's the only one :L

Enjoy your Valentine's Day x

After post musings: Hmm, maybe I should make myself an Anti-Valentine's Day playlist on my laptop- that way, I'll listen to all the feel good songs, and avoid any rubbish about "near, far, wherever you are" (take that Celine!)

Friday, 8 February 2013

The (Brief) Book Review Bit

Hello all :D
I read the most fantastical dystopian novel the other day- Divergent by Veronica Roth- and let me tell you, never has a book made me wish this much that I was in it. Yeah, I know it hasn't got any superheroes in it, but the sciencey side of this book totally makes up for it. From leaping off trains and arduous initiation ceremonies to overcoming deep and dark fears, this book has everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything.Definitely worth a read, as it has something for everyone- romance, sci-fi, rebellion, action (tons of action), betrayal, etc, etc (I could go on forever so instead, I'll show you a picture of the book, so you know what you're looking for)
And then I found out that they're planning to make it a movie! I'll be first in line to see it at the cinema!!!
p.s. You should definitely read it. Definitely. Without fail. Go and find it in the library and read it. Now. :)
Merci for taking the time to read this short post :3

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Storytime and those gems you find on Youtube

I'm thinking....It's Wednesday. Halfway through the week- which, I might add, is taking its time. I am so bored waiting for the weekend to arrive. Not that I'm doing anything exciting :/
Anyway, the purpose of this post is to gush about this amazing singer I've discovered, through my (over)use of Youtube- Hobbie Stuart is his name. Let me tell you a little about how I came across him. (ahem)
'Twas a dark and gloomy day. My MP3 player had been slaughtered in action a few month earlier, and I was in dire need of something to stave off the boredom and melancholy of my dreary existence- a music fix. 'But where, oh where, could I possibly find such a thing?' I thought to myself, contemplating the complexities of the question. 'But of course, through Youtube,' I realized, remembering the website offered music at my fingertips. 
Thusly, I entered Youtube, and listened to some rather fabulous songs, whence I came upon a cover version of "Fast Car" (Tracy Chapman) by this (really cute) guy called Hobbie Stuart. And oh my goodness, he is amazing! I seriously fell in love with his voice.

He's a musician from Bristol, and he mostly does covers of songs, but like his own versions, and let me tell you, they are anything but mediocre.
But I could go on about him for ages, so instead, I implore you, if you do one thing one your computer/laptop/snazzy smarthphone this week (other than checking out my blog :3) take a gander down to Youtube and type Hobbie Stuart into the search bar. Or better yet, I'll save you the hassle- here's the link to his Youtube channel
Thanks for reading- see you soon :) x

Monday, 4 February 2013


First day of sunshine in what feels like forever- unfortunately, the wind was at gale force, which kinda ruined the "summery feel" from this morning :(
Got back to school after a hectic weekend- brother had an operation for appendicitis (I think that's how you spell it :L) which was awful. But thankfully, he's okay, and he's back at home :D which is good because we missed him muuuuchoooos (which is a lot).
So my weekend was spent cleaning the house in case we had guests, and catching up on the piles of homework I hadn't finished during the week. Result: sucky weekend. I am knackered.
Hmm, random thoughts... I'm thinking...
Yeah, I'm gonna have to get back to that- I've got homework on the brain :/
xx talk later

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Come In Planet Earth :)

Hey everyone
Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I would introduce myself- so here goes :]
I'm 17, easily overexcited, and I like to hug trees ;) I ready way too much fiction for my own good- and I have an unhealthy addiction to superheroes and science fiction. I overuse emoticons and the the word awesome, so be warned. And, like books, I spend too much time watching movies instead of revising, or doing my homework, much to my mother's disappointment :D
I love going for quiet walks in the summer, hanging out with my friends, laughing and writing (about teens with superpowers) It sounds weird, but I like school too :]
I'm basically planning to write about whatever involuntary thoughts (get it?) happen to be going through my head when I get my hands on the keyboard- which could be anything. Movies, books, songs, my life- and I can't promise it'll always be happy thoughts either, but we'll see how it goes :]

Feel free to comment, because I always love feedback
talk soon x