La Preppy Girl is written by a newly-turned 18 year old living in the rather agreeable country-side of England. I'm a writer at heart, so I turned to blogging, I guess, as a way to express myself and connect with others.

I blog about anything that takes my fancy really; fashion, life, movies and books, wishes and dreams, inspirations, music - the list goes on. If you're new here, hey! A great place to start would be the Popular Posts box on the homepage.

15 Facts About Me
1. Travel runs through my veins; literally, if I had one wish, it would be to travel the world, discovering obscure, mountain-top villages and trekking through deserts and jungles.
2. I'm tri-lingual. I speak both French and Spanish in addition to English.
3. I can fly a plane - one of my dream jobs would be to be a pilot, but there's so much choice that I just can't settle on one career!
4. For some strange reason, my eyes tear up when I listen to classical music - no idea why.
5. Apparently, I have a "hat face", and this means that many different types of hats suit me. I remember the first time someone complimented me on this, and I just gave them a weird look, like "whaat?"
6. I highly suspect that I'm claustrophobic, although it could be just a completely rational fear of getting stuck under the bed. Who knows?
7. I thoroughly enjoy shopping. Or at least, I would, if I wasn't broke all the time.
8. I lovelovelove Texan accents. And Irish and Scottish accents. Oh, and Australian accents. Preferably when spoken by extremely attractive guys.
9. I've lived in 3 different countries.
10. My house has no central heating, seeing as it's 3 centuries old, which kinda sucks in the winter, so it's not a polar bear you're seeing when you look through the window - it's me in my onesie.
11. I cut my hair off once for a children's cancer charity, the Little Princess Trust. They make wigs for kids with cancer.
12. I make mean triple chocolate cupcakes. When I can be bothered enough to stand in the kitchen and mix the ingredients.
13. I love toffee sundaes. Specifically the ones you get from the McDonald's closest to where I live.
14. I have written 2 novels and am in the process of writing two others. They're about teenagers with superpowers (I kinda wish I had superpowers).
15. There are 15 facts here because 15 is my favourite number!

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