Friday, 31 January 2014

January Playlist

I think an integral part of being a teenager is expanding your taste in music. I recently updated all my music from my laptop onto my MP3 player and I was a little gobsmacked at how much there is and how varied it has become over the course of a year. (I know, I didn't update my music list for a YEAR - crazy, right?)
Anyway, I decided I'd share with you a few of my favourite tracks, some new, some old - and some downright weird ones.
1. September - Earth, Wind and Fire
I know this is a really old one, and when I come out and say how much I love it, people give me a sort of funny look, but it's such a disco tune! It's the kind of song I like to set as my alarm, so I wake up, jump out of bed, and start singing "Do you remember?"
2. Chocolate - The 1975
This one is a little old, but I still put it on repeat a few times a day, and attempt to sing along with the crazily pronounced lyrics - I sort of just make similar sounding noises, and I'm like yeah, check it out, The 1975 totally need me in their band. "Chocolate" is a ridiculously happy song, and just puts a smile on my face.

3. Dark Horse - Katy Perry ft. Juicy J
My friend Aaron played me this during Physics yesterday (shh, don't tell our teacher!) and I recognized Katy's voice, but I couldn't believe it was her song! It's so different to anything I've ever heard her do, and I just love it! More and more often, music genres are blurring borders, and "Dark Horse" has a fantastic hip-hop beat, with a Knife Party- worthy drop before the chorus, and the almost dreamy way she sings the lyrics really just - wow. Go listen to it, and then tell me you don't feel like getting down in the club. I would, if I could dance.
4. Little Me - Little Mix
Anyone who knows me, know I really love the music these girls come out with, not so much their dress sense - but that's for another post. "Little Me" is such an empowering song and I'm at a point in my life where I can so relate to what they sing about. And their voices harmonise so beautifully! (I'll share a little secret with you - when my family is out, I like to put my headphones in and pretend I can sing like them for a few minutes, doing the whole emotion thing, and acting it out. But you can't tell anybody:3)
5. Birds - Emiliana Torrini
"Birds" was one of the first Emiliana Torrini songs I ever listened to, and I just fell in love with the haunting-ness of her voice. The song itself reminds me of a summer morning, sitting on a hill, watching the sunrise. It's whimsical and kinda Pinterest-y too - I imagine very Pinterest-y style photos when I listen to this.

That's all for this installment. Oh wait, I'm also thinking of changing my blog layout (again - I'm sorry :L) I've been really inspired by some other blog; in particular, Kinfolk and obviously Paprika. I love their simple, minimalistic layouts and I think I might change it to something a little more sophisticated and less cutesy. Anyways, let me know what you think :)
xx Annie
I'm always looking to discover new music too, so drop me a line below and share your musical tastes with me too!

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