Monday, 21 April 2014

Once Upon A Dream | The Music Download

Hey y'all! As a lot of you probably know, it's the Easter Holidays in sunny (okay, dreary) England. Damn, I wish I was in California, or Miami - actually, anywhere I could top up my vitamin D. The weather is so bugging me at the mo - I miss the sun! (Sorry, digressing!)

Anyways, I've spent most of the hols revising for the up-and-coming exams *sad face* but I just can't seem to get anything stuck in my head!! I know a lot of people have their own tried and tested revision methods, but it seems mine have broken :( Something I have been doing a lot, alongside revision, is listening to a lot of music, and I thought, hey, I've got a free afternoon - why not do a music-themed post? So here we are.

1. The Divergent Soundtrack
I actually love a lot of the songs on this OST - which is weird because I usually only like one or two. The whole tone of the album is very tribal and dangerous, but also electric.
The Ellie Goulding songs are amazing - I think she has four songs on the OST, but my favourite by far is Hanging On. It's got the most addictive beat and is perfect for working out - either mentally, with revision, or pumping iron (not that I would know about that kind of work out).
Run Boy Run is also fantastic - I think it's the one they play when the Dauntless do their running scenes. Again, it's that addictive, almost tribal sound that just grabs you. Others I particularly liked were Stranger, Find You and In Distress. Oh and this random one I found on Youtube - Warrior.

2. The Marmozets - Why Do You Hate Me?
The Marmozets
I've been listening to Radio 1 a lot recently - on account of having no money to buy my own music *sad face* - and I've ended up hearing the most wacky and crazy tunes - that I absolutely love! The Marmozets are a Yorkshire band, with a very Pretty Reckless sound (I'll admit, I did think it was Taylor Momsen singing at first) i.e. very rocky and almost raspy vocals, but the song is awesome, and will have you singing along in no time!
(By the way, these aren't in order of favouritism, just as and when I think of them)

3. Catfish and The Bottlemen - Kathleen
Catfish and The Bottlemen - isn't that just the coolest name for a band??
I heard this one on the radio too, and it's so groovy!! Also, we totally need to start using the word "groovy" more, say me and Paprika (check out her blog here). This song is kinda angsty and very indie and very rocky.

4. Wild Beasts - A Simple Beautiful Truth
These guys have possibly nabbed the spot of my favourite band ever!
This one is relaxed and almost trance-y. It gives me a weird, nostalgic feel, and takes me back to the past - I can't even describe what it's like, or how much I love it. Just listen to it. Now.

Ahh, I feel like the sun is returning...
This is one tune that just sets my head off bopping and my feet tapping to the beat. It's got a very different sound to the usual stuff I listen to, but its aaah! So awesome and Mr Probz has such a soulful sound and voice. I mean, the original is nice, but it doesn't move me like the Robin Schulz remix. 

6. (Last one for this post) San Cisco - Awkward
Australian - eeek!!
San Cisco are my latest discovery from the wonderful world of Youtube. They're an Australian band, and this song is basically about a stalker - completely hilarious and 100% catchy. I recently realized that it was actually featured in one of the old MIC episodes (Made In Chelsea). It's cute and kooky and I absoluterly love it!!

Hope you liked this Music post, and let me know if there's any tunes you love that you think should be featured on the ol' blog!

xx Annie

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