Sunday, 28 April 2013

This Weekend

Hey y'all (hehe)

So, I know I haven't posted in forever but I have a very good excuse.... uh :L ....let me get back to you on that.

Anyway, my life has basically been full of revising for exams, spending every day after school at a different revision session, and then spending all evening (whatever of it is left, anyway) catching up on homework. Fun times. (Note: that was a perfect example of dry sarcasm)

what a happy coincidence! midterm exams are coming up for some people~ comfort food, bby! :D <3 hope you like it, worked hard drawing this one. X3
This weekend was my mum's birthday, and so, we all went shopping to celebrate (the day before). Me and my siblings wanted to buy her a present; her latest favourite perfume, to give to her today. We were planning on getting her Lady GAGA Fame, but for some gosh-darned reason, they didn't have it anywhere- and I mean, nowhere. We checked 2 Perfume Shops, Superdrug AND Boots, and no one had it!! Sod's Law, right?

Thusly, we decided to get her second favourite perfume in the whole world, that Dad brought her ages ago: Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue, which smells D.E.VINE (like Adam Levine, but with a D. Come to think of it, Adam Levine is pretty devine too :3)
So, we got Dad to distract her, and ran off on our own around town centre, searching for the perfume. AND luck of lucks, we found it!!! Then we brought it.

Then, we took a detour- as my parents always go to town for a specific reason, there's never a chance to go into the famed Disney Store, and I've always, always, always wanted to go there. So, we ran into the store, and OMG I swear I was the oldest person in the shop (17 years old and proud)- voluntarily of course. There were a group of harrowed-looking parents, getting dragged through the store by their kids.

I was totally in my element, squealing, and grabbing the cuddly toy versions of Nemo, Beast and that bear from Toy Story 3 :) Then, I went over and had a look at all the dolls, that I never got to have (#mydeprivedlife). And then I had a look at the Disney-themed stationery, and the mugs, and that cute little area where they play Disney movies for the kids!

Then, Mum rang and was like "Where are you guys?!" and I was like "We're...uh [and then I had to admit the truth]- yeah mum, we're in the Disney Store [and she was like "you WHAT? How old are you?!]...Yup, we'll come and meet you in a sec...Yeah...Kay...Bye."

Then I forlornly bade farewell to the Disney Store, wiping away tears of sadness, and hurried off to find Mum and Dad in BHS (my least favourite store in the world *sickface* How does drab clothing beat Disney Store amazingnosity, I ask you?)

Then, we had dinner (in a very well known Portuguese restaurant, with very spicy food [depending on how liberal you are with their sauces;)]) Dinner was a little ruined by the fact that the customer service was terrible, and we were waiting for AGES to be served.

Then we got home, me and co. quickly ran upstairs, found the wrapping paper; tried unsuccessfully to stick it together with glue, seeing as the sellotape was in the TV room, where Mum was sitting. That didn't work, so we employed stealth and skill to retrieve it (I blocked Mum's view and distracted her while my sisters grabbed the sellotape. Very stealthy, I know:P)

This is actually an okay example- mine is ten times worse :L
Then (dammit, I need to use a thesaurus more often)- how about ergo?
Ergo, we woke Mum up this morning, with completely off key choruses happy birthday, and then about 20 "Hip-Hip-Hoorays" before my voice started croaking.

Hence, (haha, this thesaurus lark is totally paying off) we presented her with her present, and she absolutely loved it! Score one for the kids :D:D:D:D

So all in all, Mum had a great birthday, and we actually managed to pull it all together in time (okay, okay, I know we should have got the present weeks in advance, but- hey, we still did it, right?)

Hopefully, that story of intrepidness and fantasticness and pure legendariousnessness has inspired you to do something nice for someone you love.


p.s. And remember, keep calm and enter the Disney Store :P

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  1. I love this, your weekend sounds so exciting! Especially the disney shop aha (I actually was in there on Saturday too haha!!)xx


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