Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mum Always Knows Best

This weekend, me, my mum, and my two sisters went shopping in town. It was nice, as we haven't spent much time together for a while, and we had a whale of a time! Anyway, at some point, we were outside Hollister when a friend of my mum and her daughter spotted us and started chit-chatting with us. As I didn't know them very well, I was kinda not paying attention to their conversation and then I noticed something!

Let me set the scene for you:
I glanced around. The sun was shining down (as the area we were in has a sort of open top) and the birds were chirping. And then I saw this guy- this super good-looking guy, with nice hair and a really nice smile; who was actually looking straight at me. "But that can't be," I thought to myself. Why on earth would he be staring at me? I turned around and looked behind me (because he had to have been staring intensely at someone else). But there was no one else there. "Could it be?" Finally, I was actually getting noticed by a guy! 

I recounted this tale to my mother, and she enlightened me a little with her version of what actually happened.
That intense stare he was giving me, was actually because he was checking out my sweater, and trying to figure out if it was a guy's or a girl's sweater- because he was gay! (that would explain the perfectly coiffed hair and flawless skin) That look that I'd mistaken as interest was actually a look of concentration, as he attempted to check which side the buttons were on, and I'd just assumed he was staring at me! ;) But it was the sweater, obviously. How could I have been so silly? :P

What on earth would I do without you, mum, to explain these things to me? #har-de-har

But don't worry, my mum isn't this evil

p.s: I still think he was checking me out ;)


  1. Ooooh, I love this aha, although I am pretty sure it wasn't the sweater don't you worry;)xx


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