Sunday, 31 March 2013

Just An Update

As you will probably have seen (if not, open your eyes!) I've changed the design of my blog. For most bloggers, it might signify a drastic change, or a change in opinion or something like that.
Just wanted to let you know, it's not. I just got bored of the old layout, and I had nothing better to do with my time (my social life is non-existent).So, let me know what you think; if you preferred the older one, or if the change is welcome :) And any suggestions, as always, are totally welcome.
Not much else has been happening in the life of moi...It's half term, my exams are a month and a bit away, and all I've got to look forward to is a whole two weeks of revision :(

"Happy Easter!!"
Easter is never a great time for me; no eggs (usually), scarcity of chocolate, etc, etc. But this year, (it came as a lovely surprise) my next door neighbour (we call her Grandma, even though we're not related, but she's super nice to us) got us (my siblings and I) Easter eggs :D:D:D (wow that was a lot of brackets)
So that was a super-nice addition to my Easter weekend.

Hmmmm...what else is there...OOOH!

Possibly the coolest album art ever
Hopefully, all of you know who 30 Seconds To Mars are (only the coolest band in the HISTORY of awesomeness!) Well, last week (18th of March- I don't even know if that was last week :L) they did this AWESOME thing! They sent the first copy of their new single 'Up In The Air' into SPACE *all jaws drop to the floor*! And then it's debut play was from the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION- in space! I know- crazy, innovative and superbly fantastic! I mean, have you ever heard anything as out of this world (pun intended)?!
And, as well as being truly legendary, Jared Leto (the lead singer) is gorgeous! (And I mean gorgeous like OMG-his-face-belongs-to-an-angel type gorgeous) You should totally Google Image him (I would put a picture here, but my dad is totally watching over my shoulder, and he'll be all like "wtf!" at me, so...just image search him)

Anyway, after that little (okay, total) freak-out, I'm going to sign out, so enjoy your Easter/half term week/sorry if you have to go to work or school tomorrow.

xx talk soon


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