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Breaking News: La Preppy Girl Is Flying High

Aloha Prepsters!

So, I don't think I've ever done one of these posts on this blog, so I thought I'd do a little introduction before rolling into the whole thing, or you'll probably (I'm not assuming anything :P) be like "waaaat??"

(This is a really old photo of me, but the only nice one of me with a plane, as I have recently discovered)
Okay, as well as being a top-notch blogger, amateur fiction writer, connoisseur-ess of food (translation: I eat like a horse) and lover of fashion and cuteness, I'm a trainee pilot too. I know, strange world, isn't it? :P

I don't really know when I started wanting to be a pilot, but I've been wanting it for so long now, that I can't imagine myself growing up to be anything else. Except maybe an astronaut :D

Aww cool - she actually looks like me :3
My first flight (that wasn't in a commercial aircraft) was last year, around the same sort of time. Take-off was AMAZING - even cooler than when you take-off in an airliner, because it's a lot smaller, and you really feel how much the aircraft shakes when you're climbing into the air :D I caught the flying bug then, and I haven't looked back since.

This is what came up when I Googled "the flying bug" :L
The first step towards becoming an airline pilot someday is by getting a Private Pilot's License, which is like a driver's license, except much cooler. Also, I can't drive yet, so in comparison (in my world), flying is waaay easier. I don't know why people find that so funny - the fact that I can't even drive yet, but give me a plane, and I'm like, I own this.

Anyway, because of school and A levels and stuff, it was super difficult for me to fit training in with school and studying and stuff * buzzkill *, but now that it's finally the summer holidays(!!) I have time to do all that jazz.

One of the kinda milestones that I'm working towards is my first solo flight, which (for those of you that don't know) is the first time you are allowed to fly the plane without your instructor present. Evidently, I haven't got there yet, mainly because I have to have passed the Aviation Law exam - which I'm studying for at the moment :L The weather is suuuper nice and I can't meet up with my amigos because I'm stuck inside studying for the exam. Hopefully, I'll pass it soon, and then (JOY of ALL JOYS) I get to start revising for the other 6 exams :L

But, once I've passed air law, I'll (hopefully) be able to take my first solo flight :D

This book is reallllllyyyyyy loooooonnnnngggggg
Anyway, back to the reason I wrote this blog - I went for a flight lesson yesterday (my first flight in exactly a month). The first couple of circuits (when you go around the airfield - like a road in the air that all the aircraft over the airfield have to follow) weren't great, I'll admit, but overall, I hadn't forgotten how to fly or anything like that :P My landings were a little shaky, but my final landing was PERFECT. I was literally like YESYESYESSSSS! because it was so good. My instructor was very impressed with me too, which was great because he was totally giving me the "disappointed-instructor" face.

I wonder if there are any aspiring/actual pilots out there reading this now; if so, leave me a comment below - maybe you've got some tips for the exams, or maybe you want to know more about this flying thing :D

Some links that you might like to take a look at :D

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You could even take a look at the blog I write for my flying school :) Student Diaries Cranfield Flying School

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