Sunday, 8 December 2013

Comeback Kid-slash-Christmas-slash-I'm going to be 18-slash-eek!

First things first, I guess I owe whatever few readers I have left an apology for leaving you hanging for so long without any posts. Very sorry about that.

Now for the good stuff! It's (nearly) Christmaaaaas!!! Cue a blogpost full of absolutely gorgeous pictures I've nabbed from the good people at Pinterest (follow me: anaaam).
Christmas wall art

And I'm not ashamed to admit that I started listening to Christmas music about a week after Halloween ;)
I'm in the mood for Christmas Music
Just because I like Snoopy
Well, December isn't only exciting for Christmas - it also happens to be my birthday month!! And it's an extra special birthday becaaause - I'm going to be eighteen!!! 

This sounds like a good mantra for us all
I don't know exactly why I'm more excited about this birthday than any other one in my whole life, but I just have this awesome feeling that me being 18 is one of the best things that's gonna happen to me :D Yeah, I know I sound sad, but hey - I'm the birthday girl (okaaay - in a week's time I'm the birthday girl) and I'll be an adult so:
"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen"
Anyways, my birthday is on the Sunday, so even though I can't technically do anything for my birthday in school, I think I'll just pretend it's my birthday on the Monday and force people to do stuff for me, like sing "Happy Birthday" to me as I enter the room and release doves when I go out into the playground - the usual. 

I'm struggling to come up with interesting things to do for my birthday!! Aaaah help! I was planning to go sightseeing/shopping in London with some friends, but I'm having to postpone that till January now :(
Maybe I'll just spend the day having a LOTR marathon and swoon over Legolas - that could potentially be a fun-filled birthday *very sarcastic face* 
OMG this cheered me up a ridiculous amount - maybe my birthday will be a good one after all :)
Any suggestions for a fun way to spend my eighteenth?

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