Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Little Things In Life

The little things are what make life great; sure it's great to be able to go to your Justin Bieber concert, or get a MacBook for your birthday or something. But those things are so big, that they're kinda overstated- and I prefer the understated things.
Therefore, in the jumble of eccentric thoughts within my mind, I decided to think about some of the little things, and  post them as a series of blog posts (in between the others). So, here goes :)

Summerbreeze- that absolutely perfect zephyr (who knew that "zephyr" meant gust of wind?!) on a hot summer's day. Not too cold, keeping the temperature just right. And it kinda has a smell too- one that reminds you of all the other fun things to do with summer.

Going for long walks in the summer- this is something I started doing last year, and I really enjoy just walking for ages in the sun. Once, my dad took me to the Forest of Dean, (in the summer, obviously), and it was B.E.A.UTIFUL
(As you can probably tell, I'm currently a little obsessed with summer- because it's toooo cold :c)

Treehugging- Possibly one of the best things since the invention of the popcorn machine (especially if you're a movie addict). Wrapping your arms around a tree is seriously one of the nicest things to do- and you feel super close to nature too
 This is me- treehugging
Singing to myself when no one's around- This is great, right up until the point when you realize your mum is hiding around the corner, laughing her head off at your out-of-tune attempt to sing like Taylor Swift :L But seriously, one of my favourite things to do (I totally do dramatic arm movements, and really throw myself into it...just as long as no one's around)
So- what are the little, understated things in your life? Stay tuned for more insights into my life :P x


  1. This is so sweet, I think the little thing I like has to be listening to a thunderstorm in the middle of summer - especially when you're in the mountains it's incredible, although that might be a teeny bit bigger than a small thing ahaxx

    1. i totally agree with the thunderstorm thing- it's definitely one of the little things :D

  2. you're very right i think that the little things in life are what matters the most and we should appreciate them as much as we could! :) and i do sing to myself as well even though i have a horrible horrible voice!


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