Saturday, 2 February 2013

Come In Planet Earth :)

Hey everyone
Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I would introduce myself- so here goes :]
I'm 17, easily overexcited, and I like to hug trees ;) I ready way too much fiction for my own good- and I have an unhealthy addiction to superheroes and science fiction. I overuse emoticons and the the word awesome, so be warned. And, like books, I spend too much time watching movies instead of revising, or doing my homework, much to my mother's disappointment :D
I love going for quiet walks in the summer, hanging out with my friends, laughing and writing (about teens with superpowers) It sounds weird, but I like school too :]
I'm basically planning to write about whatever involuntary thoughts (get it?) happen to be going through my head when I get my hands on the keyboard- which could be anything. Movies, books, songs, my life- and I can't promise it'll always be happy thoughts either, but we'll see how it goes :]

Feel free to comment, because I always love feedback
talk soon x

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