Monday, 4 February 2013


First day of sunshine in what feels like forever- unfortunately, the wind was at gale force, which kinda ruined the "summery feel" from this morning :(
Got back to school after a hectic weekend- brother had an operation for appendicitis (I think that's how you spell it :L) which was awful. But thankfully, he's okay, and he's back at home :D which is good because we missed him muuuuchoooos (which is a lot).
So my weekend was spent cleaning the house in case we had guests, and catching up on the piles of homework I hadn't finished during the week. Result: sucky weekend. I am knackered.
Hmm, random thoughts... I'm thinking...
Yeah, I'm gonna have to get back to that- I've got homework on the brain :/
xx talk later

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