Monday, 18 February 2013

Positivity Is The Best Policy

  I've been thinking (dangerous, I know) over the past week, and a thought occurred to me- 'wouldn't it be nicer if people were more positive?' myself included. You know, I'm surrounded by people, who (and it's not completely their fault) are resoundingly negative. All they ever do is moan about how much they hate this person, or that person, or their best friend, because they've done something stupid like "replaced" them with someone else, when in reality, it'd be so much easier to just get over it. It's no biggie. And their negativity really gets on my nerves sometimes, because no matter how much I try and talk to them and try to make them see things from a different perspective, they just don't listen. And then it rubs off on me, and I'm just walking around with an invisible rain cloud over my head.
  Therefore, as it's half term, and I have a whole week away from said people, I have decided to spend the week being even more positive than usual, to kinda give myself a boost and to help you guys feel positive too, by reading something happy. So, instead of ranting and raving and getting aggravated with the negative people, who are still negative through various social networks (I'm gonna have to ban myself from Twitter if I want this to work), I will spend my time writing blog-posts with a positive slant :)
So, keep tuned :)x
And now, I leave you with an acrostic poem (it is called an acrostic poem, right?)

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  1. I love this, positivity is definitely the best policy, I would love for everyone to understand thisxx


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