Saturday, 13 July 2013

Breaking News: Mad Hatter Fever Strikes La-Preppy-Girl Land

So, it's official, summer is here, along with tanned skin. I'm already pretty tan, so going any darker for me is a definite no-no :L Solution? Hats!
I've always had a "thang" for hats; beanies, cowboy hats, floppy hats - every hat under the sun!!

Topshop have totally cute bowler hats
Nothing like a floppy hat to feel summery - and elegant too :)

These are too adorable for words, so I'll settle for *squeeeeeeee*

And a little summery picture for you :)

This was really just an excuse to show you lots of pictures of hats :P
Any of you guys have any summer must-haves on your wish lists? Let me know below :P


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