Saturday, 20 July 2013

Everything Has Changed

So yesterday, Friday 19th July 2013, was the last day of my Yr 12 school year.  * sadface * It was a really happy day, because obviously the sun was out, and the weather was great, and everyone had that summer feeling. You know the one, where everything feels crackalackin' (okay, I stole that one from Marty the Zebra, but I promise to come up with my own from now on).

But it was also kinda weird and a little scary - for me, at least. Because I realized how much stuff has changed. People have changed; I've changed. My priorities have undergone a full frontal geomagnetic reversal and things that used to be important to me just aren't all that significant anymore.

Half a year has passed since I started Yr 12, and I remember the huge butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling I had as I started my A Levels ; hey, it was a big deal. Half a year ago, I was a different person. Now I truly feel like ME, La Preppy Girl ;) I don't recognise that other girl from 6 months ago as myself anymore. And that threw out another revelation - in another year's time, I'll have changed again.

It's worrying to think that I'm constantly changing as a person, but hopefully it's for the better. Maybe I'll look back on this blog in 5 years time and shake my head, laughing to myself, wondering what on earth kind of a girl must I have been back then.

Woah, that was a little deep for me. * exhale

And I know how much you guys like checking out the music I'm listening to, so here's one for the road. A lovely feel good song from the one, the only, Jason Mraz, Supreme King of awesomeness.

Everything Is Sound :)

xx La Preppy Girl

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