Thursday, 25 July 2013

Breaking News: La Preppy Girl Discovers Imagine Dragons (A Fangirling Post)


I've been hearing a lot about these Imagine Dragons, and to be honest, I originally thought they were pretty awesome-sauce anyway, because they have imagination, and dragons in their name, for one thing!

I first heard them this weekend when I was going through my cousin's collection of CDs, and found Night Visions, so I kinda borrowed it and had a listen and I was MINDBLOWN.
Demons is officially my favourite song on the album, but to be honest, all of them are totally my cup of OJ. I love the way On Top Of The World has such an upbeat tune, and you just wanna jig along to it and smile all day. 

One of the main things I love about their style is that it's kinda rock, but not heavy like Linkin Park (who I also adore), and it's got a little bit of a pop feel to it at the same time - but not as superficial as something from someone like Katy Perry (okay, you got me, I like her too, but still). And the way their album is like a box of liqorice allsorts - you've got really cutesy tracks like "Tiptoe" alongside with songs like "Bleeding Out" and "Amsterdam".

The band themselves just exude coolness and pizzaz and stuff, and the best part of it all? They're so down to earth! You just don't see them being all like "yeah, we're awesome rockstars, bow mortals!" They're on the level, and really just awesome.

Anyway, fangirling over - I'm glad I got that out of my system :3 
But, you know, if you haven't had a chance, pleeease check them out on Youtube or even their own website: Imagine Dragons.

xx La Preppy Girl

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